I’m Linda Ferguson, a Self-Empowerment Facilitator specialising in the mind and higher consciousness

I teach ancient wisdom, the hidden things that were never taught at school, the things that we really need to know to live a happy and purposeful life.

The knowledge was originally taught only to Monks, Priests and a select few.  Knowledge of the power of the mind, higher consciousness and the greater power that is within us, around us and in all living things.  This knowledge has been shared to me by a Grand Master from the Tibetan Mystery School, for over 25 years (and on going).

Working with me, I support you to wholeness of being human, to live a happy and purposeful life.  Once you have learnt how your mind works and how to use the power of your mind and your power within, you will be able to manifest what you want rather than the things you DON’T want.   I am ready to watch you be who you were born to be and to create every day ‘miracles”.

My Story

As a talent agent for 21 years in the film and television industry, I had a goal of “making it big” in Hollywood. I believed I had to work hard to achieve this, so I worked hard … so hard, that after many years,I became chronically fatigued and adrenally exhausted.

An opportunity presented itself to attend a spiritual gathering in the forest, alI I knew was that I needed to be there.

Driving to the event, my entire time was spent on my mobile phone, negotiating a contract with a client and speaking to a lawyer until I was out of radio range.

In the forest, around the sacred fire with hundreds of people like me, guided by shamans, tribal elders, medicine men & women and spiritual healers from all around the world, I discovered what had been missing in my life.  I had been consumed by the pursuit of success and material wealth that I had forgotten who I truly was.  I had forgotten my spirit, my soul.

Arriving home after the gathering, I cried for three weeks. I cried for the woman I had been and for the woman that I had forgotten to be. I cried, grieved and mourned and  I began to heal.

That moment around the fire began what has been a 25 year plus healing journey to wholeness, recovering from rape,  30 years of addiction, 10 years of depression, from fatigue, exhaustion, stress and anxiety.

I am now in my natural state of being.  I am happy because I know that it is within my power to be so.  I now guide others on their own unique versions of this same journey.

There is no magic wand, but life is magical and you were born perfect, whole and complete.  It’s just that some shit got in the way.  If you are willing to put the effort in to implementing the practices I teach, I will be honoured to support you back to wholeness.