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21st Century Wellness Device

Imagine owning your own electronic intelligent healing device that;

  • scans your bio-energetic field
  • analyses the data and gives feedback
  • recommends specific frequencies in response to its findings
  • transmits frequencies for your health and well being!

This is Healy, a 21st century wearable healing device  that has been proven effective, by thousands of people in 45 countries around the world.

Healy is designed to harmonise your bioenergetic field.

The Healy Device

The Healy device is small and compact and works through your mobile phone.

You can manually select which program of frequencies you want to receive, or with the HealAdvisor Analyse App you can scan your body, or scan your chakras and receive the frequencies recommended to you based on the results of the scan.

Once you have selected the program of frequencies that you want, the program is downloaded from “the Healy cloud”  into your personal Healy device.  Press start and the frequencies are transmitted into your energy field.

Healy Editions

The Healy comes in 5 editions (or price points).  Each step up in a Healy Edition, contains more programs.  The more programs the higher the cost:

  • Gold – entry level
  • Holistic
  • Resonance
  • Resonance Plus
  • Professional


Healy programs (the frequencies)

The various programs of frequencies in the various Healy editions are valuable all-rounders that provide:

  •  support
  • prevention
  • recovery from negative influences
  • optimal energy balance
  • wellbeing
  • relaxation

HealAdvisor Analyse App

The HealAdvisor Analysis App contains two forms of analysis.

Resonance Analysis – scans & analyses your physical body and reports the energy level of your organs and body systems and recommends which programs will assist your body.  However, analysis should be reviewed by a doctor if any signs of disease appear to be present.

Aura Analysis – scans & analyses  your energy field (your aura, chakras and emotional body) and recommends the programs to use to balance any energetic blockages.

Other Healy Products

Other products available from Healy  following:

Mag Healy – to harmonise your environment


HealAdvisor Search App – matches frequencies to symptoms

Healy watch – measures your bioenergetic state

Try it for yourself

Book in, either face to face or via zoom, for a scan and analysis report of your bio-energetic field, and receive the matching frequencies that you need right now to support your well being!


Its always good to do your research and hear what other people say about their experience and the benefits they received from using their own Healy.

If you are suffering from any symptoms, you can join this Facebook group and search your symptoms using the magnifying glass, to find matching testimonials.

Purchase a Healy

Click the link below, which will take you to my external Independent Healy Distributor website, where you can securely purchase your edition of choice .