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21st Century wellness support

Imagine owning an intelligent health product that is able to tap into, scan and analyse your bio-energetic field, and emit the healing frequencies that you need right now for your health and well being! 

This is life changing.  This is Healy, a 21st century technological wearable healing device that has been proven effective, by thousands of people in 40 countries around the world.

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Healy Programs

The Healy has 21 programs, with each program containing a suite of frequencies.  The programs are valuable all-rounders, providing support and prevention, recovery from negative influences, optimal energy balance, wellbeing and relaxation.

There is one Healy device, with 4 price points.

Nuno Nina’s Gold Cycle

  • 7 Gold programs – Pure, Care, Balance, Being, Energy, Relax and Release.
  • Plus 1 additional program of your choice.

Holistic Health has 15 programs

  • 7 Gold programs
  • Plus 8 additional programs: – Local Stimulation, Bioenergetic Balance 1 & 2, Mental Balance, Meridians 1 &2, Sleep and Skin.

Holistic Health Plus has 21 programs:

  • 7 Gold programs
  • 8 Holistic Health programs
  • Plus 6 additional programs – Learning, Fitness, Job, Beauty, Chakras and Protection.

 Resonance has all of the frequency programs.

  • 7 Gold programs
  • 8 Holistic Health programs,
  • 6 Holistic Health Plus programs
  • Plus the Analysis App, which contains the Resonance and the Aura scanning modules.

The Resonance Analysis scans & analyses to suggest suitable dietary supplements, foods, etc. However, analysis should be reviewed by a doctor if any signs of disease appear to be present.

The Aura Analysis scans & analyses the current energetic status of your Energy Field; after an analysis of the emotional background, you can point out suitable ways of optimization with the Aura module. The resulting optimization patterns can be applied to different products with Healy in order to balance energetic blockages.

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Healy at Home

A Healy device can now be yours to take home, and used as often as you like, to scan, analysis, support and improve your health & well being in all areas of your life.

To purchase your own Healy device click on the link below, which will take you to my Independent Healy Distributor external website.

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About Frequencies

Healing with frequencies will soon become the norm as scientists all around the world are catching up with the understanding that magic exists in us and around us and this magic is the subtle interplay between the energetic frequencies in our bodies and in our external world.

We are all energy, vibrating at different frequencies.  Energy is always moving.  The movement of energy is called vibration.  The speed of the vibration is called frequency.  When frequencies match, this is called resonance.  Resonance is when we experience harmony.

If we are not well, our frequency changes.  By introducing a ‘healthy’ frequency into our energy field, through entrainment, our frequency changes to that of the healthy frequency.

Healing with Flowers Essences and Crystals also work on this principle. Same as Tibetan healing bowls, Crystal singing bowls, Tuning forks, Drumming meditation, they all work within this field of frequency  healing.  Music and even colour, all carry a frequency.


Its always good to do your research and hear what other people say about their experience and the benefits they received from using their own Healy.  This YouTube  testimonial is from a Clinical Psychologist in QLD who has adapted the Healy device into her clinic and her family life.

If you are suffering from any symptoms, you can join this Face Book group and search your symptoms using the magnifying glass, to find any matching testimonials.

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Some answers

Got more questions about Healy ….. this video should answer them.  (If not, book in a time via the link above “Book in for your free scan”)