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Happiness is your natural state of being.

You are born with a greater power within you … and this greater power is in all living things and is all around you.

Being unhappy is simply a symptom … a ‘dis-ease’ … of not listening to that greater power within. This happens when you relate too much to your outer world and are influenced by tv, social media, family & friends and being lost in your unconscious programmes … which are beliefs that you chose to have about yourself and the world around you – an illusion of limitations and fears. A story that you keep telling yourself.

Therefore happiness, good health and success are symptoms of being one with the greater power and being responsible for creating your own life, by consciously choosing your own thoughts and actions based in the present moment.

If your symptom of dis-ease has lead you here …. know that you have been divinely guided by that greater power … so if you are willing, I can help you to uncover the magic that exists in you and in your life.