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Me Time

It is so important to take time out from our busy schedules for some much deserved Me-Time.

We all need some tender loving care.

If you don’t look after yourself … who will ?

You can choose from the following nurturing and empowering modalities.

Ajna Tibetan Healing


Ajna Tibetan Healing is a powerful and dynamic form of energy healing which utilises polarity work, body stretching, aura balancing and chakra empowerment. Working on a very deep level, Ajna releases the cause of the problem (dis-ease), allowing you to feel energised, with renewed clarity and awareness.



A nurturing healing energy  treatment.

Chakra Cleanse


Cleaning and energising of your energy centres.

Crystal Healing


A gentle yet powerful treatment using the energy of various types of crystals laid on your body to assit clearing blockages and encourage natural healing, 

Flower Essences


Intuitively you will select the flowers that you are drawn to which a few oral drops taken daily will bring you into vibrational alignment. 



Your body will be electronically scanned using the Healy device and the frequency that your body most needs will be transmitted to you via electrodes or wrist bands.