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Chakra Empowerment


Did you know that your aura gets sick, two weeks before you do ?  (before the disease actually hits your physical body).

By cleansing the 7 layers of your aura and clearing, balancing & energising your chakras, you can help maintain your health; physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

This treatment originated by yogis in India, cleanses your 7 subtle energy bodies (7 layers of your aura) by removing any negative energy that you have collected or created.  The chakra clearing technique is an ancient Tibetan method which cleans your chakras, balances and re-energises them, allowing the energy to flow freely.  You could compare this treatment to that of having your car tuned.

Further information

Chakras are energy centres which power different parts of our body, much like a fuse box in a house, sending energy to different rooms and power points.

Our 7 major chakras, are connected to our 7 subtle bodies, which form layers of our aura.

Our aura is like a magnet, and from our negative thoughts, collects negative energy.  And just like our clothes get dirty, so does our aura, picking up foreign vibrations and other negative energies from other poeple, which filter through to our chakras , causing disharmony.

When our chakras becomes imbalanced, it effects the free flow of energy in and out, causing health issues  (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or just life in general).

Chakra and Subtle body connection

Base chakra – Etheric body (holds information about your health)

Sacral chakra – Emotional body (holds your emotions and feelings)

Solar plexus – Mental body (it contains your beliefs and thoughts)

Heart chakra – Astral body (bridge between the physical and the spiritual)

Throat chakra – Etheric Body (a blue print of what you create in the physical)

Third eye Chakra – Celestial Body (your connection to the spiritual realm)

Crown chakra – Ketheric Body (this holds the layers together, and holds all experiences and is your link to the Divine)


  • health and vitality
  • feeling secure
  • healthy sexuality
  • creative
  • sense of self-worth
  • ability to make things happen
  • happy balanced relationships
  • a connection to nature
  • ability to express self and to listen to others
  • intellect balanced with intuition
  • life full of meaning
  • a sense of purpose
  • a feeling of connection to a higher power