To be happy, we need to be whole, and to be whole means we need to care for all of our bodies …. not just our physical and mental body, but also our spiritual and emotional body.

If you have a feeling that there is something missing in your life, it is most likely that you have not been aware, or looking after, your spiritual and emotional body.

Below you will find an appetising menu to feed your soul and bring you back into wholeness.

Live the Life you want


A 10 week course giving you knowledge and tools to help you to be your highest potential

Reiki I&II


Be initiated into levels I&II Reiki and become a n open channel of healing energy for yourself, family and friends

channel for this

Learn how to Meditate


Gain many benefits from giving your self time out. and learning how to meditate.  You will discover that meditation is as easy as breathing


Meditation Group

$80/$100 per month

Every Tuesday

Mornings 9.30am 

Evenings 7.30pm

 A weekly get together with inspiring discussions and meditation to feed your soul and give you your spiritual feel good fix for the week.

Say Goodbye to Depression

$1,500 per month

You are not alone.  If you are sick of being in the dark and ready to get your  “better than your old life” back, then hold my hand and let me lift and guide you into the light. There is life after depression but you will need to want to get better and be prepared to be happy.

Daily Ritual


It’s a great way to start and end the day!  Enjoy a daily spiritual workout with some friends while developing a new inspirational  practice!




Learn about your 7 major energy centres one chakra per week.  Sessions include teachings, meditations & mudras and other practices to open and energise your chakras to make them sing and help you to function at full capacty.