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A 10 day detox with a combination of Probiotics, Prebiotics and traditional herbs.  4 capsules to be taken daily, on an empty stomach or before going to bed with plenty of water. Recommended for consumption for 12 years of age and over.


• Bluegreen seaweed (AFA)
• Spirulina algae
• Shiitake Mushroom
• Moringa leaf (Horseradish Tree leaf)
• Chicory Leaf
• Peppermint leaf
• Celery stem and leaves
• Hibiscus flower (Jamaica)
• Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin
• Magnesium gluconate

• Chicory Inulin FOS (root)
• Prickly pear cactus (nopal)
• Rice bran
• Oat Fiber
• Flax seed
• Crab Apple fiber
• Dehydrated Plum fruit
• Fennel seed
• Guar Gum Seed
• Micro-powdered Rice