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Curcumin Plus


Curcumin Plus  (Curcumin with Vitamin C PLUS Ginger and Vitamin C)

Get back your quality of life.

Curcumin Plus has all the benefits of curcumin and Vitamin D3 along with the added bonus of Ginger and Vitamin C.

Studies have shown that this combination of ingredients offers the following health benefits:

  • promotes the well being of all cells
  • supports healthy cognitive function
  • benefits normal liver function
  • helps renal function
  • supports cardiovascular protective action
  • sustains healthy gastrointestinal function
  • supports healthy inflammatory response
  • aids in visual health
  • promotes the immune response

One bottle gives you one months supply at 10 drops per day in your favourite drink.

Most diseases are linked to chronic inflammation.  When you have chronic inflammation your body is in a constant state of high alert.  The release of inflammatory chemicals can affect many systems in your body and be a cause or consequence of multiple diseases.

Powerful, fast working anti-inflammatory curcumin drops with special patented BioMS technology that enables rapid absorption into your body to help you feel better - relief from aches & pains - sleep deeply - have more energy - gain mental clarity.

Proven to be 1,800% times more effective compared to native curcumin powder & supplements.  Therapeutic properties remain traceable in your body for 24hrs compared to 1-2hrs for native curcumin.

Safe for children and animals.